True Love

To My heart’s Keeper

Posted by Bhupesh on October - 16 - 2011 2,309 views

to my heart's keeper

I remember the time when you loved me,
and our love blossomed like an eternal tree,
The days have past and its been years,
but, still your memories bring me tears..!!

I wonder how can I forget all this, when
I still have fragrance of your last kiss,
when I look at moon I wave you goodbye,
and I may not stop doing that until I die..!!

To me its your smile that matters,
no matter if the dream I had shatters,
The dream where we were together,
and Lived our lives happily in love forever..!!

So where ever you’re just give me a smile,
Because if you’d, I’ll be happy for a while,
by knowing that you’re well and fine,
no matter if I couldn’t make you mine..!!

I keep love for you deep inside my heart,
coz to express love, my lips may never part,
and I know I’ll never get anything in return,
and to this truth my heart shall always burn..!!

Your love wasn’t something I could have won,
because to me you’ve always been the one,
So I never lied and never tried to cheat,
and kept you very close to my heartbeat..!!

If only I had power, I could have designed,
but, I can never banish love from my mind,
For I want something that can inspire,
but, seems like I can’t get what I desire..!!

My soul and heart can come to relief,
only when I can feel the joy of grief,
Or if I could feel the touch of your lips,
the force unmatched by a thousand ships..!!

No purpose, Yet my soul wanders alone,
So dark and sad is my love’s tombstone,
and with pleasure I let my soul roam,
coz It may someday bring you back home..!!

I live a life that has no dream or hope,
I wonder how long my heart can cope,
The path of my life is getting steeper,
as I wait for you, oh my heart’s keeper..!!

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