True Love

First Kiss

Posted by Bhupesh on September - 9 - 2011 0 Comment 5,283 views

I remember the day we had our first kiss, The day so beautiful, I shall always miss, I saw your beautiful eyes after a long wait, To this day I wonder it was just luck or fate..!! As I held your hand, my palms started to sweat, Nothing could feel more good, I can bet, It was breezing winter but I felt fire inside, Because you were so close sitting  [ Read More ]

True Love

Posted by Bhupesh on September - 8 - 2011 0 Comment 2,836 views

With every beat of my heart, I feel we will never be apart, I have waited long to reveal, but now I will say how I feel, So here I am to say it all, You’re the one for who I fall, For me there is nothing above, than what we share, True Love..!! My heart has nothing to hide, It doesn’t matter what you decide, I think of spending  [ Read More ]

I Just Can’t Live Without You..!!

Posted by Bhupesh on August - 18 - 2011 0 Comment 12,027 views

Being in your arms so close together, I thought our love would last forever, I remember the way things used to be, when there was nothing but you and me..!! Now I sit sometimes alone in darkness, Searching deep inside my heart’s emptiness. For me loving you was never a regret, But, Your thoughts are impossible to forget..!! I will always love you with all my heart, No matter if  [ Read More ]

Travel Alone..!!

Posted by Bhupesh on July - 28 - 2011 0 Comment 1,251 views

I looked up and asked why? Everyone I love says goodbye, Why is everyone always gone, and I always get to travel alone..!! I was waiting for him to reply, as I looked deeper into the sky, I wanna know what have I done, that I always get to travel alone..!! I loved someone who walked away, I asked why? she had nothing to say, Was I someone so easy  [ Read More ]

I Wish I Could Make You Mine..!!

Posted by Bhupesh on July - 17 - 2011 0 Comment 4,500 views

I wonder what god can send, Instead of light and sunshine, Then he sent you as a friend, I wish I could make you mine..!! I welcome you with open heart, and I sent you the first sign, I know its early and just the start, but, I wish I could make you mine…!! All my dreams are full of you, You give them a perfect design, Is it really  [ Read More ]

You take my breath away..!!

Posted by Bhupesh on July - 7 - 2011 0 Comment 5,635 views

In my heart I hear a sad sound, Nothing seems good today, When I feel that you’re around, You take my breath away..!! I don’t know if you’re listening, but, I have something to say, that every song I keep singing, says, you take my breath away..!! I don’t know if its really true, that love always finds its way, but, Whenever I look at you, You take my breath  [ Read More ]

My Tears Will Dry On Their Own..!!

Posted by Bhupesh on June - 16 - 2011 0 Comment 2,206 views

When I think of the day we met, all my pillow drench and turn wet, There are things still unknown, Will my tears dry on their own..!! All my life I tried to chase, Dreams that I now want to erase, and here I am standing all alone, My tears will dry on their own..!! I try hard to get up from fall, Still I do not get up at  [ Read More ]