True Love

Just Can’t Stop Loving You

Posted by Bhupesh on July - 7 - 2013 2,661 views

I stood still as looked into my dying shadow,
which had no hopes of another tomorrow,
Soon it will fade away into the darkness,
leaving behind signs of heartbeat in emptiness..!!

With heart full of doubts I looked up in the sky,
but like a falling star, I got nothing in reply,
I wonder if I would ever break this chain,
and shall find my long lost love once again..!!

They say there is someone up there looking at us,
but I think “the driver is missing from the bus”,
May be I was wrong to knock on the door above,
because there is no place where I can find love..!!

So if ever you loved me in real, just answer this,
was it all false? every word you said and every kiss,
The promise that we will live and die together,
and that our love will last longer than forever..??

For you it might be an interesting story to share,
but for me its all that I have and I still care,
My heart doesn’t know how to win this game,
because all it can remember, is just your name..!!

I sometimes wonder if loving you was bad or good,
but I know, I’ll fall in love with you again if I could,
Even when every moment is impossible to get through,
it seems like my heart just can’t stop loving you..!!

It may have been the best joke you ever played,
but for me it was the only truth in which I stayed,
and my heart cannot remember even a single day,
when I didn’t love you with all that I had to give away..!!

I had hopes and dreams a long time ago,
but now there is pain which continues to grow,
and your love which is still alive inside my heart,
though you said goodbye and walked apart..!!

So here is what I can do more for your delight,
I may not pass through another sleepless night,
with a last wish that you visit my tombstone,
and for once in afterlife, I don’t feel alone..!!

lonely angel

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