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I Love You So Much

Posted by Bhupesh on May - 7 - 2012 1 Comment 34,318 views

I don’t know what would be your reply, If ever I asked you to love me forever, coz without you I know I will soon die, and I just want us to stay close together, I know that we are not in a relationship, but, just this time I want to show you, what we have is more than just friendship, and that I love you so much & i’ll  [ Read More ]

Be My Valentine

Posted by Bhupesh on February - 8 - 2012 0 Comment 3,737 views

You heal my soul when it falls weak, There is just one love that I always seek, Its your love that makes my heart beat, Because without you I am incomplete, No wonder every beat of my heart says, In so many words and so many ways, That come to me and be forever mine, and For rest of my life, be my valentine..!!

How Cute..

Posted by MYHEART4U on December - 1 - 2011 0 Comment 2,208 views

Girl:What Time Do u Go To Sleep? Boy: Only When u Go To Sleep! Girl:Why Only When I Sleep? Boy: B’coz,Then I’ll Hav No Reason To Be Awaken.!:)

Will You Marry Me?

Posted by Bhupesh on October - 27 - 2011 0 Comment 15,377 views

I wish I had enough words to express, The way you look today in your red dress, No wonder you were always inside my heart, and Nothing could ever make us apart, coz whenever I see the love in your eyes, My heart know this can’t end on goodbyes, So here I am with a ring on my knee, With one question “Will you marry me?”  

Proposal Quote

Posted by Bhupesh on October - 11 - 2011 0 Comment 3,191 views

If I were a guitar, would you be my tune, coz Its your love that makes my heart beat, If my days were dark, would you be my moon, Because without you I’ll always be incomplete..!!

Proposal Quote

Posted by Bhupesh on June - 24 - 2011 0 Comment 4,646 views

My love for you is very deep, I know you may not believe, but, there is a promise I’ll keep, that No matter what I’ll never leave..!!

Proposal Quote

Posted by Bhupesh on June - 19 - 2011 0 Comment 2,714 views

When my eyes are weak, and all my hairs turn gray, It will be your love that I’ll seek, and just you who I want to stay..!!