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Love Message

Posted by Kokila on August - 24 - 2012 0 Comment 1,120 views

Dear Heart, Why are you always falling for the guy I can’t have? Sincerely, Frustrated.

Me n You !!!

Posted by Kokila on November - 16 - 2011 0 Comment 1,204 views

I wont say I’ll never make u cry, But I’ll make u smile before Ur tears get dry… I wont say I’ll never tell u a lie, But If I do, I will do it for a reason & some day I’ll tell u why…. I don’t say we’ll never have a fight, But I’ll say I’m really sorry when I realize u were right… I don’t say Life together  [ Read More ]

I am Your SKY !!!

Posted by Kokila on September - 29 - 2011 0 Comment 752 views

I am not the sun you look for in the morning, Neither am the moon of night…, I am not the stars who shine, Neither the morning birds who rhyme…, I am the one you will see day and night, to save you from heat, rain and dark of life.., I am your Sky !!! ♥♥


Posted by Kokila on July - 21 - 2011 0 Comment 767 views

Silently she whispers, Silently she prays, That it won’t end the same. Wishing he knew, Wishing they knew That she was so afraid. Knowing it will never be the same, Knowing nobody cares, She disappears from the world. She’s not needed, She’s not wanted. So why is she still here ?  

My love For you !!

Posted by Kokila on June - 20 - 2011 0 Comment 879 views

You’re perfect because everything you do makes me smile. Every second spent with you is worthwhile. When you laugh at me, I laugh too, Everyone else can see I’m devoted to you. I love your eyes and the way they shine, you don’t tell lies and you’re so cute when you whine. When you get mad, you can’t hide it, Even when you’re sad, I can find it. I can  [ Read More ]

Forever !!

Posted by Kokila on May - 31 - 2011 0 Comment 767 views

I miss you when you are far away, But my heart has so much to say, Just because we can’t be together, doesn’t mean I don’t miss u Now & forever!

Quote !!

Posted by Kokila on May - 28 - 2011 0 Comment 713 views

When the “I” in “I love you” becomes more important than the “you”, the word in the middle just fades away !!!