True Love

Another Lonely Sleepless Night..!!

Posted by Bhupesh on September - 21 - 2011 4,339 views

Another Lonely Sleepless Night
I wonder where is that blue sky,
that had all the laughter and joy,
A storm blew up everything in air,
and I was left with no one to care..!!

My heartbeat goes weaker everyday,
Since my love has walked away,
Baby, won’t you listen to my plea,
that my love please come back to me..!!

If you say from all your soul and heart,
that we were always meant to be apart,
I promise I would never call you again,
or ask you to relieve me of this deep pain..!!

If only you could see with your eyes,
how every feeling inside my heart dies,
coz I still love and I will always do,
It seems like I can’t live without you..!!

I don’t think I will live for long like this,
Coz there ain’t a second I don’t miss,
The way I use to walk holding your hand,
the feeling only you could understand..!!

now my heart is pounding on an empty street,
Seems like its on an endless streak of defeat,
the pain of losing you changed its shape,
My heart tries a lot but it cannot escape..!!

My heart cries out but without any tear,
When its finds out that you are not here,
threads of memories burn in blue flame,
but I just can’t throw your picture frame..!!

The broken glass of memories start to fall,
There isn’t any good time that I can recall,
Every emotion drains out of every pore,
as I sweep all my desires under the floor..!!

Everything that was hidden has been told,
and my soul has never been this cold,
Now there is nothing I’ll say or do,
but I wonder if I’ll ever hear from you..!!

My heart is heavy like nothing is right,
Deep inside I hold back my tears tight,
watching windows turn gray and then white,
I survived another lonely sleepless night..!!

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